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The following is a sample of the letter you can use to explain the fundraiser program to the parents
at Your School.


Subject Line:  Your School "No Selling" Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

Exciting news!  Your School is launching what promises to be our easiest (and hopefully most successful) fundraiser ever.  There's nothing to sell, no money to collect, no boxes of merchandise to deliver and no deadlines to meet!

All we need to do is distribute free e-coupons valid for one free month of storage with Storage Valet, a mobile storage company serving a wide geographic area, including Orange County, the Inland Empire, and parts of LA.  Every time one of these coupons is redeemed, Your School will get $50.00, and the person redeeming the coupon will get a free month of storage.  That's it!

Here's how it works:
  • Watch for my next email - In approximately 24 hours I will send you a second email (subject line "Get a Month of Storage at No Cost AND Help Your School") that will include a link to the coupon.  We're asking everyone to forward that email on to all of their friends, family members and associates who live in the area.
  • Encourage those who need storage to use the coupon - Every time the coupon is redeemed, Your School will get $50.00.  There's no limit to how much we can make, and the coupon does not expire.
  • Keep the fundraiser going - Because this will be an ongoing fundraiser, I'll periodically send out reminder emails to keep the program fresh on your mind.  Go ahead and forward these on to your friends and family as well - you never know when someone will need storage.
Studies show that each month 10% of all households are using outside storage solutions.  In today's economy these people will really appreciate the Your School coupon valid for a free month of storage!

Best Wishes,

Your School